Who is RAIM? Kazakhstani Rappers that are blowing up the charts

By Things to Do • Apr 7, 2023


The first appearance was in 2017 when the artists wrote their first album called "Kara bala". This album is closely connected with their life. Like a simple rural guys dream of a big stage and the values of life. The album was not released, but still, it was the beginning of a great career as artists. Raimbek Baktygereyev teamed with Azamat Balakhmetov and founded RAIM band. Тhe group quickly became viral and gained hundreds of thousands views on YouTube channel. 

In 2018, having pampered the audience with the general "Lava", "Disco from the 90s", "Poletayem" and "Dogola", the vocalists released their debut album "O2". The collection contained the hit "Dvigatsya", which became mega-popular on TikTok, as well as the songs "House", "Taya" and "Rosa" - the results of a collaboration with Artur and Adil. At the same time, the artists received the Muz-TV awards in the nominations Internet Choice and Breakthrough of the Year. Thanks to the sudden interest of TikTokers, the song"Dvigatsya"reached fourth place in Yandex Music. In the top of Russian Apple Music, the song takes 13th place.

On August 26, during the EMA Music Awards in Astana, band Raim won two nominations at once: Breakthrough of 2018 and Internet Choice. Their video for the song "Samaya Vyshka" gained 25 million views. And already 2 days after the award, the guys were invited to perform in Astana Arena with capacity 30, 000 of attendees and other several venues were planned at once, in addition, folks wanted to see the guys at the wedding after party on the same evening after the performances in 3 shopping centers of the capital.

In 2019, the companions showed the world the compositions "Simpa", Meni Oilai, My Princess, "Wait for a call" and others. At the same time, the musicians replenished their creative biography with new album “Sham” and posted a video on his YouTube channel for the lyrical composition “Auylymdy sagyndym”. The videos of the band RAIM were very popular on the Web. For example, "Saukele" managed to gain 38 million views, and "Simpa" even more - 156 million.

RAIM band has been invited to participate in such popular TV shows in Kazakhstan and CIS held by GAKKU and MUZZONE channels. 

In the future, the tandem released the singles Ana, Latte, "The Best" and re-recorded "Samaya Vyshka", and Raim band, in addition to everything, survived the second wave of popularity of the hit "Dvigatsya". So, in May 2020, the track became the leader of the chart of the social network "VKontakte" and took second place in the top 100 Apple Music Russia, beating the joint song Cream Soda and "Khleb" "Crying for techno”.

Meanwhile, Raim band presented another album called 4 dongelek. The main idea and concept is the road (towards creativity and beloved). The album includes seven stylistically different tracks. The compositions are in Kazakh, Russian, English and Spanish. The recording of the collection was collaborated with colleagues - Miko and Alina Gerc.

Nowadays the musician band RAIM continues to replenish the discography with new compositions. On October 18, 2022, the group delighted music lovers with the BESTSELLER album, which included ten songs. The listeners especially liked the tracks “Dem” and “Zhanym-au, sen”. The artists plan to make a big concert tour in 2023. 

With their masterfully produced musical tracks, beautiful lyrics and great music videos they're heading straight to the world success, topping one chart after the other and expanding their touring geography one country after another.