Say Mo - one of the most popular female rap group in Kazakhstan

By Things to Do • May 2, 2023


The second season of the vocal show "Pesni" on TNT, according to the permanent producer of this project Timati, is marked by much stronger participants compared to the first. Among the favorites of "Pesni-2" are bright participants from Kazakhstan The Say Mo band, where the lead singer of the group is compared with the popular American rapper Cardi B for style of performance and charisma.

The group appeared in the very first issue of the project, which started on February 16, 2019. For the casting stage, The Say Mo band chose the song "Pesnya Korolevy 6", which they performed artistically and in an original manner. Already in the first seconds of their performance, both Timati (famous producer) and Basta (singer) gave the contestants a resolving white light.

At the first concert on May 4, the collaboration of NAZIMA and Say Mo group made a splash. The exotic duo performed the song "Ne Govori". The performers appeared in the form of fatal beauties, and the whole audience sang along with the groovy composition. Timati (famous producer) was pleased with the performance and praised his idea to combine this collaboration into one hip-hop mix.

Later on, the music video “Bisharashka,” was released in 2019 and has already clocked up a staggering 7.1 million views.

As beatmakers, The Say Mo music band members worked with many Kazakhstani singers, including Nazima, De Lacure, Kalifarniya, Akha, Abilexx and others. They received wide acclaim everywhere, including social networks, where their tracks were distributed. Among their first works, “Ne Govori”, “Lyam”, “Woman” became straight up hits from the very beginning. They soon became known not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other countries.

Outstanding rap group Say Mo emphasizes that the Kazakh rap scene is replete with bright personalities.

“This is definitely not a genre for quiet people, it’s better for them to go to pop music, sing about love and suffering. Rap is about rebellion, freedom. At least, We’re talking about our own image: We’re scandalous, but we never came up with something specifically for hype. Of course, sometimes it is difficult with how society accepts all these images, but, on the other hand, who can forbid us something? We behave as we want, we make the music we want, and only God can judge us, ”

says The Say Mo band.

Later on, Say Mo group,  becoming the leaders of the post-Soviet countries television and radio charts, had to later gather its fans at the GAKKU Dauysy festival in September 2019, on that day the fest gathered about 250 thousand spectators, who came to see the band’s show from neighboring towns and the regions.