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Группа Kosheen едет в Штаты. Невозможно посетить каждый город Северной Америки и музыканты вынуждены выбирать места где их ждут больше всего! Покажите сколько нас!

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Kosheen, one of the UK’s booming live electronic music showstoppers, broke into prominence with their hit ‘Hide U‘ off their debut album in 2001, the platinum selling ‘Resist’, followed by crossover hits ‘Catch‘, ‘Hungry‘ and ‘All In My Head‘. Kosheen successfully placed two UK Top Ten albums, topped the UK and European music charts and won lots of awards with their unique blend of breakbeat rhythms of drum’n’bass to a more traditional songcraft, a side of the band embodied by singer and songwriter Sian Evans.

The band, with Sian at the helm, garnered 5 studio albums and earned themselves the reputation of being one of the most iconic performing bands of their time.

Over the past few years, Kosheen took a hiatus from touring. During this time, Sian Evans took the time to channel her energy and innovate the band’s live show from a whole new perspective. She reached a new level of passion and depth, bringing Kosheen’s music and live shows to a whole new level of excellence. Her live performances have always been brandished by her unique ability to resonate every lyric in the hearts of each and every member of the audience with flawless vocals, charismatic charm, and boundless enthusiasm.

As a result, the band returned in full force in 2019, headlining countless UK and European festivals and world-class events.

Since then, Kosheen has put out some of their best shows, still going strong with a reformed line-up, performing blistering, passionate, and powerful sets.

In 2021, Kosheen celebrated 20 years of their iconic record with a "Resist 20th Anniversary Tour" across the UK. The tour was a groundbreaking milestone for the band. Fans and attendees have received the band's powerful performance with widespread acclaim. Sian Evans is a true force to be reckoned with on stage, putting so much energy into her show and matching the intensity of her music with her unique presence and charisma. Show after show, Kosheen hit the mark continuing to cement their reputation as one of the most iconic performing bands of their time.

This year, Kosheen is back on the road with a massive UK tour to celebrate 25 years of music, performing the best tracks spanning the career.

Social media:

• https://www.facebook.com/KosheenBand/

• https://www.instagram.com/kosheenofficial/

• https://twitter.com/KosheenOfficial

• https://www.songkick.com/artists/273791-kosheen • https://www.bandsintown.com/a/30936

• https://linktr.ee/kosheen

• https://kosheen.live/



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