Mumiy Troll Postponed their concert tours until peace in Ukraine is reached.

By Stephan Cartello • Mar 2, 2022


We have decided to stop all of our concerts. For more than two decades, our work has been to write songs that unite listeners in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
«Music went dead…»
Peace is needed immediately… We will have to start from scratch. We will seek understanding and love through pain and suffering again and again. Maybe this music will help to heal…

Mumiy Troll Band.

Концерты группы Мумий Тролль в США отложены.

Компания-организатор Fishcanfly является международной компанией с головным офисом в г.Киев.

В связи с войной Украины и России, в данный момент, к сожалению, компания физически не сможет сразу же осуществить все возвраты за билеты единовременно.

Несмотря на это, мы принимаем заявки на возврат для его осуществления при первой же возможности.

Заявки принимаются по этому адресу —

Mumiy Troll band concerts in the USA have been postponed.

The promoter company Fishcanfly is an International company with a head office in Kyiv.

Due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, at the moment, the company will not be able to refund all the tickets right away, but will accommodate all the refunds gradually.

Nevertheless, we are accepting Refund Requests now and will fulfill them gradually.

Send your requests to: