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How we've transformed prime venue into the 70's Motel

By Sasha Rider • Nov 30, 2020


Themed parties are great attendance driver if done right. People like to dress up and escape from their day to day activities into the worlds of nostalgia and imaginary worlds, take for example huge success of a "Comic Con" convention.

We love to experiment with formats and once came up with the crazy idea to transform prime Beverly Hills venue "Caffe Roma", located in 5 minutes walking distance from Rodeo Drive, into a 60's Motel.

In addition to normal couches and tables we've brought over real Motel Beds where people can order bottle service and other "Room Service"

Our guests went crazy over this idea! And since it was highly visible from the outside line kept building since everybody wanted to be the part of this incredible action.
Waitresses were dressed up as hotel maids for a full picture.

 With just a little creative input, staff costumes and proper marketing we were able to create an incredible atmosphere! Even celebrities like Mikey Rourke stopped by to be the part of the action. Not too friendly with paparazzi though :)

Check out more pictures from that event here:

The Motel 04/25/2016