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DJ RIDER's Caffe Roma residency highlights

By Sasha Rider • Nov 30, 2020


It's been several crazy years filled with a lot of crazy and beautiful parties i've shared together with my party people over the years that i've hold a residency at Caffe Roma Beverly Hills, during my Los Angeles and New York life. I've decided to put together a blog post with highlights of the best moments from all these years. Feel free to add your comments below.

The night when Jordan got me a little "tipsy"

The night when i've got BIG tips for my newly made (back then) "Kayfuem" remix

Katya and Pasha were going out more often back then

The night of my CD Release party

That was the usual line up outside of the venue:

 And of course our annual "Snow Wonderland" white party:



Back to School Party:

 Bar was always hard to get through

 Drunkin Donuts Party lived up to it's name:

And of course the Halloween parties were among the Best in Town


The Fashion Show Event

 My Birthday Party Celebration, when everyone got wasted, and one fella even mistook the party for Ibiza and popped a molly :))))

The Masquerade Party, when we've had Arkady Ukupnik with us.


 Summer in Paris Party

Russian Old New Year

Another Birthday Bash

 It was a very great time together with all of you! But the best is yet to come! Getting ready for some new great projects after the coronavirus is over, so get yourself ready!