Russian Concert Tickets in Boston

Russian Events and Concerts in Boston

Boston, known for their die-hard sports fans, Russian theater goers, historic landmarks and plethora of music venues, is a perfect city for tourists both young and old. Almost all Russian Concerts are accessible through city-wide public transit (the “T”) or the commuter rail which extends to neighboring towns. The city also plays host to Boston Calling, a popular music festival founded in 2013. From Faneuil Hall to Fenway Park, the Museum of Science to the House of Blues, there’s something for everyone in this New England treasure.

Russian Musicians Touring in Boston
Max Barskih, Maruv, Monatik, Ruki Vverh, Eldzhey, MOT, Kasta, Slava, Andrey Beburishvili and Comedy Club, Zivert, Kazka, Ani Lorak, Dima Bilan, Vremya i Steklo, Mozgi, Maxim Galkin, Tina Karol, Lolita, Artik i Asti, DJ SMASH, Timati, Jah Khalib, Basta, Diskoteka Avaria, Valery Meladze, Uma2rman, Zveri, Ivanushki International, Olya Polyakova, Alexander Rozenbaum, Leonid Agutin, Anzhelika Varum, Nogu Svelo, Filip Kirkorov, 2Mashi, Artur Pirozhkov, Loboda, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Elka, Polina Gagarina, Elena Vaenga, Little Big, Semyon Slepakov.

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