Wise Espresso Bar will be expanded after renovation

14, January 2016
Sheapshead Bay's favorite coffee and breakfast spot "Wise Espresso Bar" has closed it's doors on January 11th for a short-term renovation. Which came as a little dissapointment for all the patrons - "Where am i going to have such a wonderfull salmon eggs benedict now?" - one regular customer mourned. But fear not, this is only a short term renovation due to the expantion of the place.

After a short Q&A session with the owner of the place, Gerra Missoni, here's what we know about the project:

- Wise bought out the groccery store next door
- They're expanding their kitchen to accomodate the owerwhelming demand for their delicious food
- Some seating area space will be added as well
- It will still be cozy, warm, and unique. 
- Glass wall will be expanded to the corner

There's also a possible addition of new items to the menu in the near future. Currently you will be able to enjoy your favorite coffe and food, as well as beer and wine, but owners also plan to obtain a full liqueur license and possibly add a summer terrace, which is probably going to be the absolute best place to chill with some frozen margaritas during the summer.

Wise espresso bar is planning to open it's doors for business again on Thursday, January 21st, and will be working from 8 am to 11-30pm.

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