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Secret Raves are back! One just happened this weekend under Kosciuszko bridge

03, August 2020

An illicit rave took place under the Kosciuszko Bridge in Brooklyn Saturday night, as bars and clubs remain on lockdown from the coronavirus.

Some revelers wore masks at the wild dance party that rocked into the early hours of Sunday, but showed a rampant disregard for social distancing guidelines, according to footage circulating on social media.

A crowd of hundreds could be seen at the unauthorized rave in Greenpoint, grooving to beats spun by DJ Mazurbate — who was behind a turntable setup wearing a surgical mask and bopping his head.

Apparently the event was meant to be a Black Lives Matter protest and it “spiraled out of hand,”

One attendee could be seen holding a black T-shirt with the words “F–k 12” while others are holding signs in support of the Black Lives Matters movement.

Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted a weekend Hamptons concert headlined by The Chainsmokers where 3,000 attendees openly flouted coronavirus social distancing rules.

“We have no tolerance for the illegal & reckless endangerment of public health,” the governor said about the outdoor concert.

The DJ did not respond to a request for comment. The organizers could not immediately be reached.


Russian Karaoke Re-Opening
Organizer: Event Cartel
Photographer: Ihor Nahornov