NYC Subway will have Wi-Fi by the end of 2016

10, January 2016
Good news are coming in 2016 from NY's governor Cuomo. It appears that with the juicy investment of $8.3M into the MTA development we will soon be lucky enough to commute in comfort (it's about time!).

New MTA plan involves the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots on all stations of NYC subway, usb charging sations in all carts and busses. As well as (roll the drums!) mobile ticketing that will replace the traditional metro cards by 2018. Which make total sense as well. You will no longer need to wait in line to refill your meto card, just openn the app, refill your balance, tap the phone screen by the scanner, and whoa-la. 

Beverly Christmas Eve
Organizer: DJ RIder
Photographer: Stephan Cartello