Caribbean Yacht Week starts soon

17, February 2017


Exciting trip to the tropical paradise, The Caribbean Yacht Week starts in just one week from now, on February 25th.

We would like to to introduce you a company called Gostream Club, a community of people, who like to live a bright and active life, which invites you to join in on the exciting yacht and travel trip to the Caribbean islands, from February 25 till March 7!

Only imagine - white sand beaches, green palms, exotic fruits, soft breeze and luxury yachts on the turquoise water!

This exciting program would look like this:

Day 1.

On February 25 we’ll take off from cold, winter JFK airport and land on the Martinique island. Martinique - the beautiful french island located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea!

A comfortable bus will be waiting for you near the airport and take you to the marina. You will be accommodated to the catamarans and yachts, rest a few hours after the flight, and go to the “Welcome party” on the beach! There you will be able to get acquainted with all members of our travel and have a fun evening party!

Day 2.

Following morning we’ll start off with a cup of hot coffee with croissants and go to the nearest mall to buy water, fruits and meal for our trip. Martinique is a french island therefore we can buy fine french wines, cheese and other delicious foods!

We come back to our yachts, receive short instruction on board and set sail.

What will we do on a board? Everything that you want! We’ll swim, sunbathe, be face to face with the ocean, explore new places and meet with new people. The sailing gives us amazing feeling of freedom!

Day 3.

We welcome a new day at Soufriere Bay on Saint Lucia. Two beautiful mountains – Grand Piton and Petit Piton – meet us in the Island’s bay! We will definitely hike one of them and meet the sunset, but first we’ll take a taxi and explore the island!

St. Lucia is a pretty big island and has lots of places to see. Colorful villages and towns adjoin jungle here. For such explorers as us there are great beaches and even a volcano with hot springs.

Day 4.

Next day our skippers wake up early morning , while everyone is sleeping and sail to Saint Vincent island. We go through customs, and go further to the south. This is also an interesting island, but we will visit it on our return back!

Next island on the our way - is Bequia! Whaling is still allowed there, catching 3 to 5 whales per year, quite a bit. This is reflected in folk art. You can also see the symbol of a whale on their flag! And yet there - exists a present reservation for turtles. All wounded turtles are brought there to receive treatment.

There you will find a lot of unique souvenirs made of whale bone by local artisans, walk along the seafront and enjoy the local cuisine in the small cozy restaurants. If you want to cook something with your own catch, do it on Bequia!

Day 5.

Each trip has a purpose which is reaching - Tobago Cays, most paradise like place in the World! By the next day we will arrive there! This fascinating place is a small archipelago of sand islands surrounded with colorful coral reefs.

There we will be surrounded by beautiful flocks of bright tropical fishes. Its a great place for diving, kiting and relaxation. We’ll spend two days and nights on Tobago Cays and will get a chance for night swimming under the stars ...

By now you probably realized, that the Tobago Keys - is a place that you don’t want to ever leave!

So, we have reached the goal of our journey, Tobago Cays. After receiving loads of energy and fun from this heavenly place, it’ll be time to move on!

Day 6.

As you remember we told you that we’ll visit Saint Vincent island on our way back. Did you see the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”? If not, you must necessarily see it, because we will go to the place where this movie was filmed! Willabou - a small bay with big gallows! This island seems like a good place for a pirate party. Let’s have a party and choose the best pirate from our team!

Day 7.

Next morning we will sail to Marigot Bay! Filled with colonial French buildings that will seem cute after uninhabited islands and fishing villages. Cozy Italian restaurants, excellent European cuisine and luxury stores are also present there. We will spend the rest of our day in Marigot Bay and will have romantic dinner in one of the beautiful Marigot’s bay restaurants!

Day 8.

Next morning we’ll come back to Martinique marina, return our yachts and proceed to a hotel! We’ll need to get some rest after such exciting journeys! ))

Did you think that our adventure is over? Not yet, we still have a lot to do! Next day we’ll go and explore Martinique! We’ll visit a beautiful botanical garden – The Jardin de Balata.

Then we’ll go to St. James Distillery and Rum Museum to look at rum producing. This distillery is must to visit on the Caribbean islands! It’s a good chance to taste excellent rum and take a bottle to go!

Rest of the day we’ll spend by walking around narrow streets of center in the the Fort-de-France!

Day 9.

The final day of our trip to the paradise, we will spend in a quiet environment, swimming in the sea, tan on the beach and get ready to return back to the real world!

Next morning we’ll be back home!

If you want to participate in this journey with us, please register at this link:

Okay, maybe I am ready to participate, but нow much is this trip you ask? You should be pleasantly surprised to learn that the price for this entire exciting trip is only $2199!

Included in the price:

8 days of sailing with professional skippers

Transfer Airport – Hotel – Marina – Hotel – Airport

3 days at a hotel

Bus excursion on Martinique

Gasoline and water for yachts

Dinghy with engine (small boat for yacht)

Anchorage and custom fees

Group insurance

Photography and filming

Yacht cleaning

Bedding and towels

What is not included in the price:

Air tickets (price for tickets depends from place and date of departure. The best way fly to Martinique from New York, JFK airport , Norwegian Airline. And buy tickets in advance. Then, the ticket will be cost just $ 350-370

Refundable yacht security deposit ($250 per person)

Food on yacht (All team members make a contribution of $ 150-200 in total cash to buy water, wine and food at the time of travel)

Restaurants, taxi, excursions, souvenirs expanses

Don’t miss out on this beautiful, exciting and memorable journey to paradise islands! We can accommodate on a board only 30 people, so hurry up for first come first serve! To join us in this adventure, please, fill out the registration form:

*The trip program may be changed due to weather conditions and/or other reasons.

If you're interested in the trip described above and would like to get some more first hand information, as well as meet the people who already actually going there and organizers of the trip feel free to stop by for a presentation with wine snacks and interesting people. The presentation will take place at the "Wine spring" store located at 80 Varick st. Manhattan, NY 10013, this Sunday, February 19th.

Tikva Childrens Home Fundraiser with Lenny Krayzelburg
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