New Russian Monday Night Hits West Village

12, January 2016
New addition to the West Village dining scene, restaurant Duet, decided to expand it's offerings for the audience, and added Monday night to it's portfolio.

Now, every Monday night you can enjoy the Deep House beats selection by "Magnetised Records" label owner - DJ Ivan Melnik, combined with the $0.50 Blue Point oysters, [almost] half-price drinks, and a company of a beautiful ladies, that seemed to be everywhere where you can lay your eyes on to in the restaurant.

The night is called "Flip Mondays" - where there is always chance to win. What that mean is this: you come to the bar, and tell them that you want to try your luck, and order a drink of your choice, then you tell the bartender whatever you'd like to choose - Heads or Tails - he flips the coin, if you win, the drink is on the house, if you loose - you gonna have to pay for it. Yes, it's that simple! But there's a catch though - you can't flip your own coin, bartender will flip his, and maybe that's where the secret to the night revenue lies. We never know until we try, and it definitely sounds like a lot of fun!

Photo: social networks

The Masquerade 2017
Organizer: DJ RIder
Photographer: Nikita Rusanov