7 places to celebrate Russian Old New Year in LA

12, January 2016
What is an "Old New Year" exactly? Well, that's a long story, but to cut it short we'll tell you this - Russians love to party so much that they celebrate the New Year twice a year. One time with the rest of the world on December 31st, and second time is on January 13th, cause this is when the "real" new year starts according to the orthodox calendar. And again, it's not that there's so many russian orthodox people out there, that's more of a tradition that is reduced to one constant - a party!

To help you navigate through this holiday we compile a list of places where you can celebrate it in Los Angeles:

 Barton G

One of the favorite LA hot spots among the Russians. The restaurant operates under the upscale FUN dining concept, and called a theater of food. Serving mouth watering dishes decorated with the oversized sculptures of different kinds. Here you can be served a salad on a showel, or a "drunken tuna" on a half open bottle of absolut vodka, or maybe a seafood salad with a giant silver octopys over your plate. Definitely worth to give it a shot.
Cost: get ready to spend around $150 per person for this type of experience.

Restaurant Crystal

Located in the heart of West Hollywood this restaurant have recently gone through a renovation, and ready to ring in the new Year in style and in full effect. Come in here for a traditional Old New year celebration Russian Style - Banquet type dinner, lots of vodkas and other hard liqueur, and dancing. Entertainment will be provided by the restaurants band in conjunction with special guest performers from New York: singer Douglas Genuard and DJ Legacy. Details can be found here.

Cost: $150 or $200 per person, depending on the banquet type. tip and tax already included in the cost.

El Compadre

That's an all time favorite spot that you can't go wrong with anytime you come here! Good food, flaming margaritas, just add a good company and great time guaranteed! A place to be if you want to celebrate it with friends, have a great time and don't hurt your wallet too much.

Cost: get ready to spend around $80-$100 per person if you plan to drink.

Maxim Restaurant

Popular Russian restaurant/banquet hall will open it's doors for the patrons to ring in the new year once again. What to expect: banquet style dinner (with tasty food), entertainment by a restaurants band, and a lot of fellow russian-speaking people.

Cost: $100 per person.


Traktir is a place where traditional Russian dishes delivered in a casual setting with touches from the homeland. And it's also the ONLY place that serves infused russian vodkas, since the closure of MariVanna restaurant. So if you feel like celebrating it Russian Style but in a casual invoronment - this is the place to be.

Cost: get ready to spend around $100 per person, casual doesn't mean cheap in the mind of a Russian restaurant owners.

SKY Bar at Mondrian

That place is beautiful at any time of the year, and will be a really nice experience to ring in the New Year overlooking Los Angeles at night. Also you'll bargain a lot on the prices, because on the real new year's eve that place would cost you 10-15 times more.

Cost: the entrance is free if you pass the doorman discretion, and drinks are ranging from $12 - $16

Caffe Roma Beverly Hills

This Year Caffe Roma Beverly Hills wil host the Biggest Russian Old New Year celebration. They moved the date of the official celebration to Saturday, in order to accomodate those people who can't party during the week, and prepared the Fashion Show by Annie Couture New York design house, in collaboration with Jolie Jewelery.

Many Russian celebrities are invited to this event and expected to be in attendance, as well as star studded model line up of the fashion show: Kristina Cheremnykh (Miss Russian LA 2015), Acelina Kluchkova (Miss Kazakhstan), Leila Ismailli (Belarus National Beauty Contest winner), Alisa Bestya (Valentino, Armani, ETRO model) just to name a few. 

The fashion show will start at 10-30 PM and will be followed by the afterparty with LA's finest DJ Rider. So buckle up your seat belts and don't forget to RSVP here It's Mandatory for attendance, but also free and painless.

Russian Karaoke Party
Organizer: Event Cartel
Photographer: Elkhan Pitman Shahbazzade