As states begin to reopening new sanitation standards for venues will be implemented

Stephan Cartello • май 1, 2020


As locations throughout the United States devise plans for reopening, restaurants, venues and high-traffic facilities are doubling down on ways to make their spaces safe and virus-free so that visitors are reassured they need not worry about getting sick. Major hotels are debuting comprehensive new health protocols for employees and guests. Venues like convention centers and arenas, which most observers think will among the last to reopen, at least to large groups, are also pressing ahead in creating health and safety programs of their own.

Venue management company ASM Global, for example, has launched VenueShield Environmental Hygiene Program. ASM’s 325 global facilities, which include arenas, stadiums and convention centers, will soon be upgraded to a heightened level of cleanliness.

The company has partnered with leading health officials and industry leaders in industrial hygiene and sanitation to develop the program. A company task force will oversee implementation of new protocols—which will vary based on type of facility—which also adhere to guidelines set forth by entities such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United Kingdom National Health Service and World Health Organization, according to a press release.

ASM’s new measures will include use of personal protective equipment for staff, air-quality control, surface cleaning, temperature checks, thermal cameras, reduced touch points, contactless payments and more.

“We realize that all of our venues across the globe are economic engines for their respective communities, representing local tax revenues, travel revenues and jobs,” said Bob Newman, president and CEO of ASM Global. “We look forward to reopening these local and regional economic foundations, stimulating local economies, and again delivering the entertainment experience that has defined us for decades.”