"Stas Mikhailov" band recorded a duet with Sergey Zhukov

Stephan Cartello • окт. 26, 2019


Stas Mikhailov - The lead singer of the band «Stas Mikhailov» and the lead singer of the band «Rukki VVerkh» Sergey Zhukov announced that they had released the joint single “Our Children”.



According to the musicians, this song is dedicated to the childhood and family values ​​of each musician of the bands.

“This is the very song that simply cannot be kept inside, because it is so important to feel, realize and accept the clear truth - childhood, alas, cannot be returned,”

wrote Sergey Zhukov on his Instagram.

- Everyone has their own story, and it is about these unique stories that our new song is. According to the artist, they, together with the band «Stas Mikhailov», decided to show by their example what love for children should look like.

- Many of you are very anxiously watching our family, and in the comments you often notice even the most subtle changes: how Miroshka tries to overcome the ill-fated English “c” and “k”, how fast Nika and Angel grow, it's very nice, because “We wanted to show the example of our families and stories with Stas that same unconditional and endless love for our children,”

says Zhukov.

- May goodness and happiness come to your home with our new song! Families of the Zhukov and Mikhailov! It is noteworthy that both soloists are fathers with many children. Zhukov has a daughter from his first marriage, as well as two sons and a daughter in the current one, while Stas Mikhailov, in addition to his four children, brings up two more children from the previous marriage of his wife Inna.

On the cover are two photographs of Zhukov and Mikhailov - at this age and in childhood.