Max Barskih released new album "1990"

Stephan Cartello • окт. 8, 2020


After a short production vacation and a pause in concert activities, Max Barskikh announced the release of a new, sixth album, named - "1990" - the year of the artist's birth.

The presentation of Max's new album will take place as part of the Barskikh's second world tour "NEZEMNAYA WORLD TOUR 2020" and will be held in the format of a musical quest, where all fans can participate.

“I have prepared for you an exciting music game in which you have to guess the city where the new song from the album will be performed for the first time. And after you hear the track at the concert, it will become available on all digital platforms, ”

Max explains his creative idea, thanks to which each concert of the tour will become truly unique.

Max calls NEZEMNAYA WORLD TOUR 2020 “a long-awaited journey of a year” and plans to perform in various cities in the USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, the Baltic countries, the CIS and, of course, Russia.

here's the teaser of the album: