Kazakh band Irina Kairatovna have become one of the country’s most popular acts, known for their highly successful music videos.
The group first appeared in 2017, initially as a comedy show with 20 minute sketches. Having a background in writing jokes, acting and performing Azamat Marklenov, Aldiyar Zhaparkhanov, Zhasulan Ongarov, Ilya Gumenny and Ulan Kairlasov united with experienced director Kuanysh Beisekov. Together they founded Irina Kairatovna, claiming that they were ushering in “a new era for Kazakhstani YouTube.” Тhe group quickly became viral and gained hundreds of thousands views. The music video “5000,” their most vocal political statement to date, was released on December 29 and has already clocked up a staggering 53 million views, more than the population of the country.

As a beatmakers and sound producers, Irina Kairatovna music band members worked with many Kazakhstani singers, including Kairat Nurtas, Junior, Hiro, Shiza and others. They received wide acclaim everywhere, including social networks, where their tracks were distributed. Among their first works, “Ne Angime”, “Kettik”, “Sub-Zero” became straight up hits from the very beginning. They soon became known not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other post-Soviet countries.

Later on, Irina Kairatovna ,  becoming the leaders of the world’s television and radio charts have to later gather its fans at the Almaty Arena for the sold out show with over 12,000 thousand attendees, who came to see the band’s show from neighboring towns and the regions.

Their  collaboration with artist "SHIZA" track called “Kok Tu” became the chart topper on the streaming platforms of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Eastern Europe. The song has been published on 19/03/2022 and appeared 26 weeks on the charts.

With their masterfully produced musical tracks, sarcastic lyrics and funny music videos they're heading straight to the world success, topping one chart after the other and expanding their touring geography one country after another.