Multisensory, Eco-Friendly, Magical Earth Journey Installation Opened In NYC

Stephan Cartello • авг. 16, 2021


This completely immersive exhibit that recently reopened in Greenwich Village is equal parts eye-opening and exquisite.

The visually stunning Arcadia Earth combines VR and AR technology with 360-degree art installations to reimagine the way we address the most pressing environmental issues of our time. With a focus on individual empowerment, each experience provides educational commentary uncovering truths about the environment – like the fact that we ingest the equivalent of one credit card a week in microplastics – followed by easily actionable suggestions to inspire everyone to have a positive impact on the future of our planet.

15 different rooms (spanning two floors) will take visitors through magical recreations of our planet’s landscapes and ecosystems, all shedding light on the ecological issues threatening our very existence — from overfishing to plastic pollution to food waste to climate change. But luckily, you’ll also learn the small lifestyle changes you can make that will have a massive impact on Earth’s future!

Powered by augmented reality, virtual reality, projection mapping and interactive environments, you can explore transcendent underwater worlds, primeval forests, mystical caves and fantasy lands…

With both physical creations and high-tech VR headsets that will transport you to other lands…

And everything is made with upcycled materials & items, designed by leading environmental artists! A tree will also be planted for every ticket sold.

Of course, various COVID-19 safety measures are in place, like reduced capacity, temperature checks and required face masks for all staff and visitors.