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Stephan Cartello • нояб. 25, 2020


We at EventCartel develop a lot of quality tools to help you grow your business. Our blogging engine is among them. In this article i'm going to show you the capabilities that you can utilize to your advantage, and i hope they'll help you to grow your business even more.

First and foremost you can insert your upcoming events and tours into your articles, like in example below:


That's a great way to expand the visibility of your events and spread the word about them on a related topic articles.

Another cool thing you can do is to showcase the pictures from your past events in a blog post. And the cool thing about it is that people can save them to their collection of saved items and visit your profile later on. Like in example below:

Or you can insert a whole photo album like here:


Did i mention that you can also throw in your product listings? See below:


And you can top it all off with a poll like the one below:

Did you enjoy our last event?

 Feel free to experiment with the formats!