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Max Barskih presented new English single “SILENCE”

Stephan Cartello • авг. 8, 2020


The very first worldwide premiere of the new song by Max Barskih is released on the label of Sony Music Entertainment and is a rare English exclusive hit in the musician’s career, written for the first time in a long time after 8-year-ago presentation of the album “Z.Dance”, released in 2012.

“Silence” - is an experimental work of Max, produced in the “summer house” style. The single has an independent status and stays apart from the upcoming album’s release of “1990” and is devoted to different summer parties on the yachts, music festivals, and outdoor dance floors.

Max Barskih:

“I adore the relaxed atmosphere of summer days and everything which refers to it. Yachting, speed driving in a cabriolet, bustling parties with friends open-air, dancing uninhibitedly to the high quality-rhythm. “Silence” - this is music for mood shaping and music about happiness”.

The new single has become an official soundtrack of secret parties around the world conducting by Pink Kiss, uniting in creative collaborations the best photographers, models, directors, and influencers.