2 p.m.
Peaceful Valley Campsite
485 Banker Rd, Downsville, NY
Welcome to the official event page for PANGEA at JetLAG Festival 2017! The day of our magical gathering is getting near, and there's nothing we await more than to burst into star dust with you ✨⚡️🌙 So snatch your ticket now to ensure your spot in our journey This year, we will unite our power from June 23 to June 25th! Get here early, leave late ;) And enjoy the fantastic, magical line-up we’ve cooked up for you! Lineup // Tickets // Volunteer // ☼ ABOUT PANGEA ☼ PANGEA at JetLAG is a curation of musical and artistic projects that capture the passion and spirit that brings new worlds into existence. We’re all about spontaneity, creativity, and worlds and continents colliding. At PANGEA, you can camp, enjoy live music of all genres, jam, experience art, theater, participate in amazing workshops, and so much more! This year, we are also introducing a new DJ Canopy, art installations and theater productions from Eden Creative, new events, new workshops, and nighttime curated Jams with JetLAG musicians! ☼ PERFORMANCE AND WORKSHOP LINEUP ☼ Check out our Performance and Workshop Lineup here: NEW THIS YEAR: ✷ ENCHANTED FOREST BY Eden Creative ✷ ✷ MOONLIGHT DJ COVE CURATED BY Igor Shorman ✷ ✷ MIDNIGHT CAMPFIRE JAMS W/ JETLAG MUSICIANS ✷ OLD TIME FAVORITES: ✷ PANGEA STAGE ✷ ✷ WORKSHOP VILLAGE W/ Dina Ostrovsky ✷ ✷ BABELAND W/ Olga Trushina ✷ ✷ CHAI LOUNGE ✷ ✷ HOOKAH/CATERPILLAR LOUNGE ✷ ✷ MORNING YOGA AND MEDITATION ✷ ✷ SOUND HEALING W/ Guy Yair Beider ✷ ☼ ABOUT JETLAG FESTIVAL ☼ JetLAG is an annual multi-cultural and multi-genre open-air music festival that takes place each year in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. Since 2009, JetLAG Festival has been a yearly family reunion of the Russian-American/ex-pat/Jew(ish)/weird/hippie/freak diaspora, but in the last few years, the festival has radically grown in size and blossomed into a culturally dazzling event. It is now a place where different groups of people bond, at the initiative of one community, sharing views, tastes, and cultivating ideas across genres, localities, and cultures. At JetLAG you’ll find what you love, and you’ll love what you find: From the big names to new discoveries, the festival presents, and represents, everything from avant garde rock, Balkan wave, Klezmer, psychedelic trance, folk and sung poetry, reggae, rap, cabaret, French chanson, spoken word, experimental math rock, and more. Find out more here: ☼ GET INVOLVED ☼ In the spirit of creating one’s own experience, we’re also restructuring our volunteer network, so that YOU can get involved in making this happen! ✷ If you want to contribute to the Workshop Village please email Dina Ovstrovsky at ✷ If you are an artist, have experience in stage design, or just love to decorate - we are looking for collaborators to build PANGEA Stage! If you’re the person of our dreams, please email and snag a free ticket ;) ✷ If you want to just lend us a helping hand in setting up and holding space fill out our volunteering application at - Volunteers get swag and a sick discount on tickets! ☼ MORE INFORMATION and ABOUT US ☼ ✷Updates on our current Lineup, Tickets, and how to Get Involved available here: ✷JetLAG Festival Website: ✷Official JetLAG Festival Facebook Event: ✷Tickets: ✷Transportation: BUS TRANSPORTATION (NYC/BOSTON): Coming soon! ✷Contact: Questions, Comments, or Ideas? Send a message to ☼ And lest we not forget… We walked the land as nomads and spoke only the language of the Earth with our children. Our instruments strung across our backs, and our eyes burning with hunger, we had only one mission: to co-create this planet. ☼ WELCOME TO PANGEA AT JETLAG 2017!


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JetЛАГ Festival
JetЛАГ Festival