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25, February 2017


Evential by Lika Osipova presents 6th Annual contest  of beauty, intellect and talent - Miss Russian Los Angeles. 

The winners get to attend official Galas, Grammy and Oscars parties, community and charity events.

 There is no fee to enter or participate in the pageant . 

The performance has five acts: the presentation, the bikini show, the talent act, the intellectual interview and runway / gown show. At the day of the show the girls receive professional hair , make-up services from professional team by Katerina Humaridu (@katerinah_mua) and special tan services from our generous sponsor: Sunless Beauty Organic Spray Tanning (@sunlessbeautytans) and the one lucky winner of nomination  "Miss Sunless Beauty" will get the package of free organic spray tans with the diploma and sash from the company:

The winner of "Miss Internet" will get the full page interview from the official media partner EventCartel. 

The first three winners of the pageant will get the beautiful Jewerly from the diamond sponsor "Jewels on Wilshire"

Also the winners will get a packages with free procedures from FUSION OF BEAUTY  Endermologie Center

All the 10 finalists will get the beautiful and elegant boxes of flowers made by L'Amour Toujours Flowers specially for miss Russian LA

The winner of Miss Russian Los Angeles will get the free vacation to Cancun for 2 people from our official partner of the show "Popkoffs Manufactory" and the front cover of "Fact Magazine"   

Our informational TV partner/ USArmenia channel will air the second season of the Reality TV show "Miss Russian LA 2017" on April, 2017. The amount of episodes will be different from the first season (24 episodes). General sponsor of the TV reality show is Falcon Lifestyle/Luxury Car Rental 

Miss Russian LA finalists will be showing the collection of dresses by Famous Fashion Designer Hale Bob Evening Gowns will be provided by fashion store "Noell" @noellstore

The final show will take a place on March 17 inside a beautiful Taglyan Cultural Complex in Hollywood (  

Honorable Performers of the show: Russian famous accordionist Peter Dranga will open the competition with the special performance . 

Official red carpet host Masha Arielle.

International singer Abby Cubey will perform two songs. 

Grand opening of the main show by guitarist Stuart Smith and Joe Retta from legendary Heaven and Earth with their surprise song only for Miss Russian LA! 

We will also have a special guest from Russia!!! Famous Russian Singer Prohor Shalyapin will come to Miss Russian LA to judge the show! 

We are happy to announce that one of the honorable judges will be incredible Oleg Frish, who is revered for his affable and quirky personality as a singer/performer and popular talk show host is a connoisseur of swing, jazz and the Great American Songbook. Oleg sings in several languages and delivers many of the fun and classic love songs that were featured on his recent dream come true album, "Duets With My American Idols" (Connie Francis, Ben E.King, Bobby Rydell, Melissa Manchester, Tony Orlando, Lainie Kazan, B.J.Thomas, Gary U.S.Bonds, Peggy March and Lou Christie).Oleg will come from NY to judge the show and to perform one of his songs.

Show will be hosted by Greg S. Reid! He is an action-taking phenomenon, and Founder of Secret Knock who turns strategy into results fast and furious. Published, co-authored and featured in over 50 books, 28 best sellers in 45 countries, five motion pictures, and featured in countless magazines, Greg will share that the most valuable lessons we learn, are also the easiest ones to apply.

Other sponsors and info partners:

(Photos by John Pacala


But before we get to the real contest which will take place on March 17th at Taglyan Cultural Center, let's take a closer look on the contestants, get to know them a little better, and vote for the one that should take the crown this year!

#1 Inessa Dranovskaya, 25, Moscow, Russia.

Hobby: Music is not just a hobby to me — it is my life and every fiber of my being. I fall asleep with music and wake up with it. Dancing, swimming, photography, intriguing  films, and traveling all make my life more interesting and influence poetry and lyrics. It’s such a pity a day is only 24 hours short!

Life Goal: My personal motto is, “if you truly wish to reach the stars, you will”.  This is what inspires me to become the most successful version of myself. I’m not a stranger success, as I have been awarded the “Grand-Pix” as well as first place in several vocal competitions. One of my favorite memories  was when i won acceptance The Institute of Modern Arts. My next chapter in life is graduating from musicians institute of Los Angeles , winning the Eurovision, or receiving a Grammy. Although the these as the Dre's to many, I follow my mat t shoot for the stars and land amount them. “New Wave” is an important stepping stone on my way life's journey. I have God to thank for these blessings and I hope I can bring joy to the people as music brings to me.

Why I’m participating in the competition: Beauty can manifest in many forms. Participation in such a vibrant competition is another chance to be a part of something beautiful. This event will give me a chance to experience a whirlwind of emotions that one feels standing on that stage. A chance to share my creativity, in my case my vocal ability, charged with positive energy. It is an  opportunity to make new friends — kindred spirits! To feel what it’s like to be a queen and to be crowned — a dream worth fighting for.

#2 Anna Petrova, 29, Moscow, Russia.

Hobby: Dancing

Life Goal: To Inspire millions 

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017: Lucky chance

#3  Kamilla Leonova, 29, Simferopol, Crimea.

Hobby: Learning foreign languages

Life goal: To make this world a better place

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017": I love to challenge myself by trying new things! Miss Russian LA contest is an exact opportunity for develop your talent, gain new experience, get over fears and doubts as well as meeting new friends! 

#4 Julia Yaremchuk, 23 Volgograd, Russia.

Hobby: singing, dancing, playing flute, reading, traveling.

Life goal: I want to inspire people to be the be the best version of themselves and show them that it's vital to fight for your dreams.

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017": I wanted to meet positive and talented people,because you become the people you surround yourself with.

#5 Inna Puchkova , 27 , Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Hobby: horses

Life goal: family 

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017": decided to compete in Miss Russian LA because I want to meet new creative and interesting people

#6 Julia Baron, 20, Moscow, Russia.

Hobby: Filmmaking

Life goal: Produce meaningful media content to inspire people worldwide

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017":  In order to expand my professional network, break my boundaries and fully experience my skills and abilities.

#7 Daria Albert, 26, Volgograd, Russia.

Hobby: Beauty, Health

Life goal: Make yourself better everyday

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017": My friends suggested to compete in Miss Russian LA so I decided to try myself

#8 Tetiana Gaidar, 26, Kyiv, Ukraine

Hobby: Yoga, Reading, Study Nutrition

Life goal: To be happy, free, have a happy family, and help younger people live healthier lifestyle.

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017":  To inspire and empower women and promote Russian culture in America

#9 Marina Eva Kush, 25 Arkhangelsk, Russia

Hobby: I have a strong passion towards music. All of the aspects of it: creating and listening to it. I'm also very attracted to yoga, buddhism teachings and kundalini mythology. I enjoy cooking vegan dishes, watching movies and theatre shows, acting is big a part of my life, of course, also following up on some fashion trends. I guess I'm very curious person and i never stop learning something new.

Life goal:I can say lots on it. My life simply is. I think it's extremely important to experience joy in every moment, to be inspired and inspire. To live, laugh and love. To help those who in need, when there is a chance, and to create this chance in any circumstances. After all there are only deeds of yours that others will remember when the journey is over, why not to make this journey a positive one.

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017": That's a great opportunity to make a dream of 7 year old Marina to come true. Every little girl has ambitions to become a real princess one day, to have a fairy-tail life and kiss a frog (just kidding). But seriously, to put on Miss Russian LA crown sounds is like one of these fairy-tails to me.

#10 Kristina Novak, 27, Stary Oskol, Russia

Hobby: Painting

Life goal: Share my art with the whole world and end up being written in the art history as a great modern artist.

Why did you decide to participate in "Miss Russian LA 2017": I was thrilled to participate in the art project, art of Beauty! Dostoevsky said "Beauty will save the world" and if so, I'd be happy to be part of it


#2 Anna Petrova #2 Anna Petrova
#3  Kamilla Leonova #3  Kamilla Leonova
#4 Julia Yaremchuk #4 Julia Yaremchuk
#5 Inna Puchkova #5 Inna Puchkova
#6 Julia Baron #6 Julia Baron
#10 Kristina Novak #10 Kristina Novak
#7 Daria Albert #7 Daria Albert
#8 Tetiana Gaidar #8 Tetiana Gaidar
#9 Marina Eva Kush #9 Marina Eva Kush
#1 Inessa Dranovskaya #1 Inessa Dranovskaya
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