Designer brand Annie Couture New York takes business to the next level

03, November 2017
Designer brand Annie Couture New York takes business to the next level

One cool October morning, New Yorkers woke up and found that Brooklyn was not the same as it had been the night before. The main reason was that the designer boutique Annie Couture New York on Quentin Road was closed after two years of successful work, at the peak of an enviable popularity. We decided to get the reasoning behind the decision to remove the sign and to empty the store window from the owner of the brand Annie Couture New York.

Good afternoon! Anna, when the news broke, everyone was shocked. Tell us, did you really close the boutique?

Yes, it's true. Since October 2017, the boutique Annie Couture New York has been closed. But I want to reassure our fans. This was not a forced action. Closing the boutique was my strategic decision. We closed the doors of the actual boutique but became even more accessible to the whole world.

Can you please explain what exactly you are talking about?

It's simple: Annie Couture New York collections are now available to our customers 24/7, but only in our online store

So the store went online? What were the reasons? Why so sudden?

This event was a surprise only to the people outside the company. For me, the decision to reorganize and move Annie Couture New York online was a measured and logical way to develop the business.

Initially, while creating a design brand and opening a name boutique in New York, I realized that Annie Couture New York was not just another women's clothing store. It was not the same as many other stores in Brooklyn or elsewhere. Annie Couture New York is a designer brand. It's a style, and it’s the image of an independent, successful, beautiful, stylish and happy woman. We don't want to confine ourselves to the walls of only one store. Annie Couture New York is a conceptual creative workshop, which now has its own online boutique. There is no physical address and thus no borders for us. The whole world is our oyster now and we are open to this world.

You started the Annie Couture New York online store last year. It functioned concurrently with the actual boutique. Now you have closed the “offline” store and put all your efforts online. Don’t you think it is a little risky?

Honestly, I like to take chances. As you know, muck and money go together. But this is not the case. There is absolutely no risk in the decision I’ve made. This is a well-thought-out business move. Take a look around. The world doesn’t stay still. The technology is rapidly developing. The life of a regular person involves “online” actions more and more often. We read online. We watch movies and learn news online. We see our friends via video-chats more often. We even order essential products online. I really hope that printed versions of books and magazines will not disappear forever. The reading is a special tactile pleasure for me personally. The rustle of paper fascinates me. But, as you can see, online versions of books and publications are much more popular today than paper ones. You have to agree that it is less comfortable to carry an actual book around the subway or to take it to the plane when you can simply go into the application and read your favorite publication or book online.

The entire fashion industry is gradually moving online. The future and success are exactly where you can see an "add to cart" button, because the growing pace of life, especially in New York and other major cities, doesn't leave people with the opportunity to go shopping. Time is too valuable to waste it in the fitting rooms. In addition, modern consumers want to receive all the information within seconds. They want to learn faster about the new trends, additions to their favorite brand or about the store. They want to buy everything with one click. The brand Annie Couture New York keeps up with the times, and now all our collections are presented only in the online boutique.

Tell us, will the transition into online mode somehow affect the prices in Annie Couture New York?

No, we will not disappoint our customers. Regardless of our location, we remain true to the high quality of our items and the chosen price policy of the brand.

You had a very conceptual boutique. The lady could immediately create a whole image by picking up the necessary accessories for one or another dress, or doll up, and have a cup of coffee at the same time. You also hosted the fashion shows of your seasonal collections here. Is it really not that hard to part with?

No, not at all. A physical boutique is a passed stage and it's already gone into yesterday. It had to happen. The opening of the physical boutique was written in my business plan, as well as its closure. Thanks to retail sales over the past two years, the team and I have gained an invaluable experience. We studied the market and identified our possibilities. We deeply connected with our clients and felt their needs. From day to day, it was a live communication with our target market. Feedback from our customers helped us to build this business, and now I can say with full confidence that I know all the tiniest details of a female figure, the nuances of different shapes and tastes of the woman who chooses the style of Annie Couture New York. With such baggage of knowledge and experience, it is important to get out of our comfort zone and start actively moving forward. The future and success are for bold and active entrepreneurs.

It is hard to argue with you. Anna, can you please share your plans for the future? What awaits Annie Couture New York?

As you know, we managed to sew our seasonal collections a year ahead. This made it easy to approach the restructuring of the brand and painlessly carry out everything. The transition to the online version of the boutique has freed me time to work on brand promotions, to organize my own projects and to participate in various PR-events. It is known, the face of the fashion brand is its designer, his or her fashionable images and active social life, and now I am fully engaged in that.

In the real world, if the brand makes it online, it can be compared with its coming to the world market. The Internet is a world map, and the world is our goal. You can’t call it a bad prospect for the business, can you?

So the teeming activity is ahead: events, shows, presentations, trips, round-the-clock online sales, deliveries around the world and of course, new collections and stylish looks from Annie Couture New York. We are waiting for everyone in the online boutique Annie Couture New York! Come visit us at and we will not disappoint you!

Anna, thank you very much for a pleasant conversation. I'm glad that Annie Couture New York will continue to please all those who love the brand. I wish you to achieve your goals and become world known!

Mashina Vremeni Live in New York
Organizer: Cherry Orchard Festival Foundation
Photographer: Maria Gordova