Teodor Doré piano recital in Philadelphia

Date and time
Saturday, 3 FEB • 2024, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
American Philosophical Society Benjamin Franklin Hall
427 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA View Map




Pianist and composer Teodor Doré aka Fyodor Biryuchev, was raised along the captivating shores of the Black Sea in Crimea. Subsequently, he embarked on a transformative journey to Barcelona as a recipient of a prestigious scholarship at the renowned Liceu Conservatoire, where he pursued a Master's degree in applied composition. Presently, Teodor Doré has emerged as a prominent figure within London's contemporary academic music scene, garnering recognition as a rising star.


The composer's sphere of interests is extremely wide: opera projects with the Bolshoi Theater, 5 published albums, more than 150 concerts on 4 continents: from private members’ clubs in London and multimedia theaters in Dubai to palaces in St. Petersburg, from jazz clubs in New Delhi to musical ceremonies for shamans in Mexico, music for movies and theatre performances. In 2023, two striking theater premieres showcased the captivating music composed by Teodor«Theatre of Gulag» in London and «Say That You Love Me» in Madrid.


One of the most exciting developments in Teodor's career is the upcoming release of his latest album, «Rachmaninoff Variations»recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London«Rachmaninoff Variations» is a cycle assembled from several of the composer's etude works, preludes, and romances reinterpreted for the piano. The album provides a glimpse of how a contemporary composer views Rachmaninoff's legacy in a new global context. In this cycle, inescapable parallels emerge, and Rachmaninoff's loss of his homeland and its significance engenders deep empathy among many contemporaries.





«Rachmaninoff Variations», interpretation by Teodor Doré


«Rachmaninoff Variations» is part of the launch of the charity organization R.A.C.H., which aims to support and help migrant musicians from conflict-affected countries. In honor of Rachmaninoff's 150th birthday in 2023, Fyodor is embarking on a world tour at the end of November 2023, performing his «Rachmaninoff Variations» to captivate audiences around the globe. The events unfolding in Russia since February 2022 have compelled a significant number of individuals, reminiscent of a century ago, to depart their homeland in pursuit of a new beginning. These profound and unsettling occurrences, drawing parallels with the wave of migration that Sergei Rachmaninoff himself experienced, inspired composer Teodor Doré to craft variations on Rachmaninoff's compositions.


Feb 24th (Prelude in C-sharp minor op. 3 № 2)

Ticket to Istanbul (Romance «A Dream» op. 8 № 5)

Grand Bazaar (Serenade op. 3 № 5)

Verhniy Lars (Romance «Don’t sing to me my beauty» op 4. № 4)

Endless Forests (Etude-Tableaux Op.33 No.4 aka No.5)

New home – new hope (Prelude in G-major op. 32 № 5)

Here and now (Romance «How beautiful it is here» op. 21 № 7)


«Old photographs», composed by Teodor Doré


This album is dedicated to composer’s grandfather, sculptor, Honored artist of Russia Vitaly ZaykoffEach composition in this album is a kind of photograph, a snapshot of long–gone moments of time, a cast of destinies and an attempt to see and display portraits of two epochs in the history and culture ofcomposer’s two home countries. This album is a look into the past in order to comprehend and obtain our lost present.




Looking into your eyes 

Perception of moments 


Winter Fairy Tale


«Portraits of cities» (piano version), composed by Teodor Doré


«Portraits of Cities», the sixth musical creation from TeodorDoré, embarks on a profound exploration of megacities across Europe and Asia. This album seamlessly melds the rich tapestry of traditional instruments, the expressive power of the piano, and electronic elements to encapsulate the very essence of these bustling metropolises. Comprising seven distinct tracks, «Portraits of Cities» functions as a collection of musical postcards, each artfully representing a city that has left an indelible mark on Teodor during his extensive touring across Europe and Asia. These cities, often taken for granted by their millions of daily visitors, have deeply resonated with the artist's soul. His compositions, executed with a cinematic flair, serve as enchanting guides, unveiling the hidden splendors concealed within these urban landscapes. Through the harmonious fusion of piano melodies and traditional instruments, this project aspires to bridge the cultural divide between the Western and Eastern worlds.


When the angels speak, Moscow sleeps

Train to Helsinki

Night in Bombay

Spring in Barcelona 




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