Rock, Blues, and Drive: Fedor Chistyakov & Friends (10/22)
Sunday, 22 OCT • 2017, at 8:00 PM
Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge 435 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA
The Place Remains The Same: Fedor Chistyakov & Friends Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 Ticket Price: $15 ADV / $20 DOS Ticket Link: THE PLACE REMAINS THE SAME This is the American reunion of the legendary Fedor Chistyakov with the phenomenal blues and jam guitarist Vanya Zhuk and the fabulous drummer/percussionist Garik Bagdagyulyan, both known and loved by many in US. Now that the three met haphazardly at the international annual event JetLAG in NY state, they realized it was time and place to come up with their great collaboration which started back in 2000. This is why they called the tour “The Place Remains The Same’’. The team is going to integrate old favorite hits and new repertoire. Fedor says he appreciates American Russian crowd's openness to the new, and he expects his instrumental pieces to be accepted as widely intensely as his famous songs that belong to the Russian rock classics. It is a unique exclusive situation which might not happen again soon, says Fedor. Those who miss it, will have to only watch it on a video, just as long as someone makes one. But, according to the good old Russian saying, it’s better to see once than to hear many times. About Fedor Chistyakov Since the early 1990's, Fedor Chistyakov has been known as the songwriter, front singer, and accordionist for the band Nol’ (Zero), a cult model of Russian rock music. His unique manner of singing and the fact that he played button accordion, an instrument atypical of rock music at the time, made the band stand out, to the extent of being featured as exemplary in Western documentaries on Russian Rock. Chistyakov developed and added to the tradition of The Doors, The Pogues, Deep Purple, Chuck Berry, James Johnson and other rock classics. He is at the same time quite a sophisticated and insightful composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist musician, whose creative interests embrace rethinking classics and producing experimental instrumental music of many genres and styles. If there is literally the embodiment of the Russian Rock'n'Roll, then it is Fedor Chistyakov. " Fedor is big in the Russian community and recently had a spike in popularity due to some new press -> Earlier this summer, he played shows in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco and was bringing in an average draw of about 180 people to each show. More about Fedor: : About Vanya Zhuk Ivan “Vanya” Zhuk is a composer, arranger, songwriter, translator, performer and powerful guitarist, embracing traditions of blues, garage, rock, klezmer, and Russian Roma seven-string-guitar song, a perfect jammer, who can be described, literally, as a one man house band, a uniquely artistic, unpredictable and clever showman, eloquent and witty in several languages. He has a long history of performing US-wide, including collaboration with Ken Hensley, Frank London, Vadim Kolpakov and other musicians, and a substantial American following. With Fedor Chistyakov -> Gipsy/Klezmer -> Vodka Rabbie Nahman -> With Alisa Ten -> Blues -> We knew he would come, but we are so really glad that it will happen indeed, Vanya Zhuk. About Garik Bagdagyulyan Igor “Garik” Bagdagyulyan is an internationally known musician, one of the best Moscow’s fun-drummers with a wide range of styles and genres, a member, frontman and/or song author of Iguana Band, Pakava It, Stantsiya Mir, Kashin Band, Aloe, Bayan Harp and Blues, Kimbata and many other reggae, blues, jazz and funk projects. Drum Solo - With Pakava It -> Ivan Zhuk and Garry Bagadagulyan with Ken Hensley at JetLAG Festival ->
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