Sunday, 18 FEB • 2018, at 1:00 PM
Russian Samovar 256 W 52nd Street, New York, NY
Theater of Russian Actors TRACT presents two act comedy RASKOLNIKOV AND THE PAWNBROKER. A LOVE STORY. The modern playwright Edward Reznik imagines how frightened and amused by modern Russia would Fyodor Dostoyevsky be, and how differently his novel Crime and Punishment would look, had it been written today. Drawing heavily on the works of Dostoyevsky, Chekhov and Pushkin, Mr.Reznik new comedy is both a journey through Russias literary past, and a biting satire of the mores and attitudes of its present. The show takes place in the cozy atmosphere of the Tolstoy Lounge upstairs @Russian Samovar restaurant, right in front of the audience (there is no stage). It features live music and songs by the performers. Free drinks are offered before the performance, as well as a bar and buffet open during the intermission. Your ticket also gives you a 20% discount at the Russian Samovar restaurant on the day of the performance, 15% on other days. In Russian with English subtitles. Theater of Russian Actors TRACT was established in 2016. It employs professional actors living in New York and working in the theater, cinema and TV. Director: Lev Shekhtman Producer: Mikhail Galkin Cast: Svetlana Kifa Pavel Shatu Inna Yesilevskaya Alexander Notkin Elena Ouspenskya Yanina Hope Vadim Kroll Gregory Korostyshevsky Elena Notkina Yulia Kulakova Assistant Director: Alexander Notkin Choreographer: Elena Notkina Music Director: Boris Merson Costume Designer: Violeta Livshen Costumes: Victor Shelyakin, Yulia Malyava Stage Manger: Kathryn Choodnovskiy English translation: Efim Galkin
Mikhail Galkin



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