Meteor Shower - Just Look Up
Wednesday, 3 JAN • 2018, at 8:00 PM
New York, NY New York, NY
Several spectacular meteor showers are happening this fall and winter as follows: ➡ The Orionids Peak Date: October 20 - 22 These are closely related to May's Eta Aquariid meteor shower, which also stems from Halley's Comet. The comet only passes Earth once every 76 years, so this is all you're getting from Halley until it swings back around again in 2061. Earth hits this stream of debris almost head on, making it a shower that produces some of the brightest meteors of the year. ➡ The Leonids Peak Date: November 17 - 18 The Leonids should be earmarked annually. It's an impressive show, and once every so often it's capable of producing tens of thousands of meteors per hour. Some of the most intense meteor showers ever have been from the Leonids. Those are rare, though. The Leonids haven't exploded like that since 2002, and they won't be doing it again for a very long time. Sky and Telescope project this year will feature 10-20 meteors per hour at its peak. Even at lower rates, the American Meteor Society says the shower is worth catching for its bright meteors and persistent trains. ➡ The Geminids Peak Date: December 13 - 14 The Geminids are one of the year's best showers on a consistent basis. The 2016 edition had to compete with a December Supermoon, but it'll be back with a vengeance this year. At its best, the Geminids can produce between 120 and 160 meteors per hour. Your more likely to see 60-70 per hour this year, by most accounts. It's also capable of producing fireballs, which sounds like a Roland Emmerich film in the sky, but for practical viewing purposes, it just means you're seeing very bright meteors. Peak viewing is usually around 2am local time. ➡ The Ursids Peak Date: December 22 In the Northern Hemisphere, you'll catch the Ursids right around the winter solstice. This particular shower tends to produce between 10-20 meteors per hour. It's usually one of the less exciting meteor displays, but due to a crescent moon in the sky this year, the conditions are right for good viewing. ➡ The Quadrantids Peak Date: January 3, 2018 With meteors fainter than other showers, the Quadrantids are generally less dazzling than the Perseids or the Geminids. Though, it's capable of having strong years. This shower also has a sharp peak, lasting only a few hours. But it's the first significant meteor shower of 2018, giving you a chance to enjoy some fireworks just after your New Year's celebration. It's exciting, minus the part where it's cold as hell outside. Follow Awesome Events:
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