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Legends of Soviet Rock with Joanna Stingray
Friday, 5 MAR • 2021, at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Meet key players in the Soviet rock ‘n’ roll and punk scenes as they join us online for a panel discussion, moderated by music journalist Ned Raggett, whose writing credits include Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR Music, Daily Bandcamp, and the Quietus.

TIME: Los Angeles noon; London 8pm; Moscow 11pm – March 5, 2021
For Non US or Canada attendees: use +12222222222 for your registration for event.

Participants are musicians Yuri Kasparyan (Kino), Vitia Sologub (Strannye Igry), Afrika Bugaev (Pop Mekanica), Garik Sukachev (Brigada S), and Joanna Stingray in conversation with former Leningrad rock journalist Alex Kan.

This event is inspired by Stingray's newly published memoir, RED WAVE: AN AMERICAN IN THE SOVIET MUSIC UNDERGROUND. Her book details unknown stories of the legendary musicians of Soviet rock including Viktor Tsoi and Boris Grebenshchikov (BG), her improbable Cold War heroics as a young New Wave musician, and how in 1985, she produced Red Wave: 4 Underground Bands from the USSR with music by her new friends that she had smuggled to the West. Her testimony of fortitude and rebellion is also a love story and proof of the power of music and youth culture over stagnancy and oppression.

The free ticket will give you access to the Zoom event, hosted by the Wende Museum of the Cold War. If you want the BOOK also (signed or unsigned), purchase one of the paid tickets. Also available: black, limited edition TOTE BAGS and T-SHIRTS with the Red Wave album cover and Joanna Stingray's signature.

Learn more about RED WAVE, featuring some of Joanna's videos documenting the scene from the 1980s:

See video and images of the bands in this interview with Joanna Stingray at Globus Books by author, performance artist, and former fangirl of the Leningrad Rock Club, Zarina Zabrisky:

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