Dima Bilan Live in Concert in New York
Friday, 6 MAY • 2016, at 7:00 PM
Stage 48 605 W 48th St New York, New York


Шоу программа пройдет в одном из самых новых и фешенебельных клубов Манхеттена - Stage 48!  Живой звук, световое и лазерное шоу, видео инсталяции и обильная шоу программа.

На сегодняшний день Дима Билан - один из самых востребованных артистов, у него огромная армия поклонников и друзей. Среди его музыкальных наград – премии WMA, МУЗ-ТВ. Он обладатель рекордного количества наград EMA как "Лучший российский артист", а в 2012 году Дима одержал победу в номинации "Лучший Европейский Артист" по версии MTV Europe Music Awards.Дима дважды представлял нашу страну на международном конкурсе «ЕВРОВИДЕНИЕ»: в 2006 году он занял второе место, а в 2008 году стал первым и единственным российским победителем в истории этого конкурса. Дима также исполнил главную роль в масштабной исторической киноленте "Герой" (2016), который выходит на экраны совсем скоро!

Ilya Solis


ILya Solis was born July 25, 1984. His mother Natalya Solis brought four-year-old ILya to a music school where ILya showed considerable success. Even though he never turned out to be a world-class pianist , ILya still preferred music over anything else including his love for soccer. So, the path is chosen and ILya shows up at Gnesinka (State musical college named after the Gnessins), at the department of choral conducting and academic vocals. He quickly gains full attention of people. His ability to be always unlike others, sociability and effulgence conquers some and irritates others. Being joyful by nature, he could always make everyone around him happy. After graduating from the Gnessins college, ILya enters a period of inspiration. He writes music, songs with his own verses. Meanwhile, he acts in commercials, takes a shot at fashion business, but all this is of little interest to him. Pushing forward in his true desire, ILya records an R'n'B CD, the style which was quite popular at the time. Then, goes the succession of changes and circumstances which pushes ILya to long for privacy and escape from the fuss. After overcoming difficult events, once again he acts like no one else. First he leaves the country, and then, being back, he voluntarily decides to... join the army! After his services in Russian interior forces, ILya starts writing completely different verses, and composing different music. His world-view has changed during his military services influencing both his musical tastes and his performing style. Right now,while getting familiar with musical culture of other countries, and writing music for theater performances, ILya introduces his new Pop/R&B/Latin songs in four languages English, French, Italian and Russian.


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Ilya Solis

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Ilya Solis

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