CATS Karaoke GRAND Contest = April 16, Sunday
Sunday, 16 APR • 2017, at 8:00 PM
NY Karaoke News Brooklyn, NY
3d Annual KARAOKE GRAND CONTEST will be held on April 16 Hugely popular Karaoke Contest is held Annually, 3 years in a row, at Cats on the Bay. Main Prize $1000, different presents from sponsors, amazing singers, professional Jury, welcoming audience, and huge turn outs of contestants make this the most anticipated Karaoke Event of the Year! PS. Large turn out of contestants made us postpone 2 previous finals until Monday. This time number of contestants will be limited, so make your applications early! Previous winners: May 15 and May 18, 2015 1. Russel, 2. Vita Vitenko 3. Grisha Guliaev May 1-2, 2016 1. Iulia Loshmanova, 2. Gulya, 3.Rusik Fable
NY Karaoke News



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