Brian Baker and Gilda Oliver, Paintings and Digital Prints
Saturday, 5 AUG • 2017, at 6:00 PM
Bruce Lurie Gallery 2736 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Brian Baker's larger than life scale painting, beholden their viewer access, to assorted dreams and waking visions, the artist experienced as inspiration for his works. His personal narrative is informed by many of the subjects found in the antiquity of art history, especially the mythology expressed by far eastern mysticism. Additionally, the painter's unique style and experimental use of mixed media, have roots of influence in the schools of Surrealism and Fantastic Realism, especially Salvador Dali and Ernst Fuchs. Art is a visionary language for Brian, whose message of healing goes beyond his paintings and extends into a life spent encouraging, and even spiritually counseling, less experienced artists to do their best work. Though predominantly a self-taught creative, Baker has close ties to the Baltimore Maryland Institute of Art and its surrounding arts district. More of Brian's transcendent imagery can be seen at SOULFORMS.COM Los Angeles-Lurie Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition with gallery artist Gilda Oliver. Oliver is a Baltimore based painter and digital computer mixed media artist and graduate of Alfred University and Cranbrook Academy of Art, is an internationally recognized artist, with extensive experience of longstanding commitment to community & transformational art projects, will be showing her own mixed Media collages and large digital photography works in a solo show at Lurie gallery. Her paintings and mixed media feature portraits which combine a sculptural formalism with digital freedom. Evident is a playfulness which mixes fantasy and documentary realism. Mixing subjects from Hollywood, Disney and Modern ART, these works use nostalgia as a frame to interrogate of our cinema/ fantasy /internet worlds. Her collage technique is intimately related to her sculptural and mosaic work. The superimposition of portraits and tonalities builds an imaginary timeline. More of Gilda’s unforgettable imagery can be seen at our web site. The artists will be present at the opening.
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