Artist Talk: Eurointegration by Roman Makhmutov
Thursday, 20 APR • 2017, at 7:00 PM
Soho Photo Gallery 15 White St, New York, NY
We welcome you to join us at the artist talk by Roman Makhmutov and Tanya Gavrilova about their currently exhibiting project Eurointegration, and their experience of doing documentary photography projects in Russia. Book signing, reception and drinks will follow. Between 1799 and 1834, thirty-two Russian settlements were renamed in honor of European regions that had been liberated or conquered by Russian soldiers. That's how in the southern Ural mountains, villages gained names like Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Warsaw, Balkans, and other such. "How are the lives of these ordinary Russians affected by living in 'European' cities, while never having traveled outside the borders of their own native country, or possibly even their settlements? How has this influenced their everyday existence? Has this duality of perception significantly altered their lives? Roman Makhmutov and Tatiana Gavrilova explore these questions in their Project." – Alexey Nikishin, photographer, Moscow, March 2017. "Why it is so important is that much of the old Soviet existence is shrinking away, being bulldozed over and the space taken over by a new modern (i.e. anonymous, generic, global) architecture, what will be lost is the specific, unique embodiment of Russia’s sense of itself in the world iterated by the vernacular architecture and how its society renders itself visually. So it is critical this is all documented before it disappears." – John Wildgoose, photographer, London, October 2015 ARTIST TALK: Tuesday, April 20, 2017, 7pm to 8pm. EXHIBITION DATES: April 4–29th, Wed-Sun, 1pm to 6pm. The event is supported by: Russian Center New York Russian Youth in USA Russian American Youth Association Russian-American History Month:
Photographer Roman Makhmutov



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Photographer Roman Makhmutov

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Photographer Roman Makhmutov

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