Ancient Rhythm Circle at Pangea
Saturday, 24 JUN • 2017, at 12:00 PM
Peaceful valley campsites 485 Banker Rd, Downsville, NY
For thousands of years, drumming has been a way for people to gather and to communicate and connect with the universe around us. Many cultures practice drumming as a spiritual or religious passage and interpret drummed rhythm similarly to spoken language or prayer. It's commonly viewed as the root of music and is sometimes performed as a kinesthetic dance. Saturday at PANGEA, Gather by the fire, Experience ancient drumming patterns and the Healing power of Riddim in a magical circle we will be keeping all night. Feat: ☀ Cacao Ceremony with Sacred Breathwork by Yash Akasha and Worldchangers ☀ Frame Drum Medicine Songs from Olga Volga Bo ☀ Kirtan Singing and Devotional Prayer Songs from Parama Chattopadhyay ☀ “Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast,” with Igor Shorman A suite of percussion compositions that could be considered a collaborative game, played not by opponents to win or lose but by a team of individuals whose primary challenge is collective improvisation. The object of Stridulations is the formation of a self-governing ensemble acting as one ‘organism’ that produces unique arrangements. OPEN TO ALL! ☀ Special Guest: Musical Shamanism from the Altai with Letters to Nepal 🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇🔥🎇 We invite everyone to join our Ancient Rhythm Circle. Please bring any percussion instruments you may have: drums, shakers, cow bells, wooden blocks, or anything else you can think of. We will be playing together while learning the ancient riddims and the clave of African origin. Any person of any age and of any background is encouraged to participate. If you can clap - you can do it !!! For the open Jam part of this circle any musical instruments are welcomed.
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